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    A tulpa is believed to be an autonomous consciousness which also exists in a self imposed hallucinatory body, which is usually much of your choice. A tulpa is entirely sentient and in control of its opinions, feelings, movements.

This phenomenon can be traced back to the Tibetans; they practiced acertain medication technique to create these "thought forms." Think: Imaginary Friend, but sapient and sentient.Instead of being in your mind's eye, you'd be able to see, feel, smell, and hear it as it was actually there. I like to think of Tulpae as a hallucinatory schism. Since the schism is essentially from your subconscious, it will be able to interact with your subconscious, allowing near-perfect memory recall, strong and fast math-cranking, and other feats.

Alright, so it's time to re write this a bit, just because I feel like I didn't go in depth enough describing what a tulpa is, as opposed to what it is not. Anyways, this is just a quick update on this entire thing, and of course I'm leaving some things from the old version behind. Note that the following is all about a psychological interpretation of tulpae.

What a tulpa is has two main parts, the first part is sentience, and the second part is hallucination/ projection.

The sentience is basically a product of your unconscious mind; you create by fleshing out through personality work and narration. You're basically taking an already existing part of your mind, and defining it until it becomes what you experience as "sentient". Now the tulpa is not actually its own sentient being, the tulpa is a product of your mind that you are experiencing as sentient. Really, there is no difference between the two, since the outcome for you is the same. That being said, by defining these personality attributes and talking to your own mind until it is able to "talk back" you're creating a false personality within your mind- one that is not a personification of your subconscious, but rather a being built on it.

I asked about it at the chairs of psychology - it is real, everyone can create its own hallucination with his thoughts, feelings and character.

Be prepared for the fact that Tulpa change you forever.
tnx for you attention!

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